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Why Should You Hire A Licensed Electrician?


We all can agree that electricity has made our lives very comfortable but if not used properly it can also serve as the most dangerous invention. Most of the house fires are caused due to the electrical short circuits. An electrical problem should not be ignored at any time and an experienced and trained electrician should be called to fix the issue.

Electrician San Tan Valley can repairs, maintains and installs the power system in our home. The job of an electrician is not an easy one and it involves all kind of risks like falling from the height, electrocution etc. So it's important that you hire an expert electrician for the job. An electrician should have all the knowledge and experience in electrical works. While a bad electrical repair can be dangerous for your home, a repair done by an expert is going to make your home free from electrical risks.

Let’s see what the benefits of hiring an expert electrician are:

  • No liability – Sometimes even after taking all the precautions, mistakes can happen during the electrical work. The electrician can get injured or there can be damage to your property. When you hire an insured and licensed electrician, you are free from bearing any liability for the losses incurred during the process.
  • Experience and knowledge – An experienced electrician will do the right thing in the very first visit. He will have all the knowledge required for all kind of electrical works. A licensed electrician has gone through the rigorous training to get the license so one can assure that he is good at his work.
  • No accidents or risks – An electrician who is an expert in his work will ensure that no accidents take place in the work area. Hiring him will reduce the risk of any damage happening during the work.
  • Safety regulations- An expert electrician will follow all the safety regulations while working. He will keep everyone in your home safe.​
Electrician San Tan Valley
  • Updated with the new knowledge- A licensed electrician will keep his knowledge updated with the current time and practices.
  • Fixes the root of the problem- A good electrician will provide a permanent fix to your electrical problems. He will detect the root cause of the problem and will do what will solve the trouble entirely.
  • Permit to sell the house- A licensed electrician can get you the electric permit which will help you to attract the desirable customer for your property.
  • Advanced tools- A good electrician will have access to all kind of tools for the electrical work. Use of advanced equipment will reduce the time of the work and it will also increase the efficiency of the work.
  • Professional advice- Hiring a licensed electrician has another benefit that you will get a good professional advice from him. You can clear all your doubts regarding any electrical work like construction or remodeling your old home, his suggestions will be beneficial for you.
  • Peace of mind – Hiring a professional electrician will keep your mind at peace as you will have to worry less about the work quality. Working with an expert electrician will be less chaotic.
  • Saves money- A good electrician will complete the work in just one visit. His work quality will be top notch with less hassle involved in hiring him. His repair will be permanent; therefore you will not have to take the service of an electrician again and again for the same problem.

The need for an electrician is inevitable but if you want the job to be done right, hiring an expert electrician is a must. ​

How To Maintain Window Air Conditioners


Appropriate maintenance of your through-the-wall or window air conditioner must be performed on a regular basis and especially at the start and conclusion of season when it’s used. This even applies to cool and heat units which might be used all round the year. Keeping up with the maintenance of your system will prolong the lifespan of your unit ultimately along with maximizing its efficiency and performance.


Regular replacement and cleaning of the filter is important. Blocked or clogged air systems should work harder to produce necessary airflow and, use more energy in turn. A few models have reusable filters while the others should be replaced. Consult your owner’s manuals for filter usage and specifications guidelines. Reusable filters which can be cleaned must be checked once a month at least and cleaned up with warm water thoroughly and mild unscented detergent, when needed. For the filters that should be replaced, it’s usually recommended that filter is replaced about once in every two months, based on air conditions in and outside the home both. If pollen or other airborne allergens particularly are bad, filter will need more attention frequently.

Condenser and Evaporator Coils

If dirty filter is ever obstructing airflow, air which does pass through can get in dirt and air contaminants, which will not just degrades the in-house air quality but impairs evaporator coil heat-absorbing capacity also, lowering the system’s performance capabilities. While a regular filter maintenance assists alleviate any buildup on evaporator coils, you must still visually inspect coils for the collection of dirt and dust about once in a year. Condenser coils on back of the system should be tended also to as they could collect debris and dirt too.

AC Repair San Tan Valley

If the coils need cleaning, it’s recommended that you carry out following procedures, as required:

  • Quick Method (For Regular Maintenance)
    Vacuum coils using brush attachments
  • Thorough Method (For preparation before season and before storage)

Remove unit from casing and then set it out

Rinse coils, and then apply all natural cleaners to coils

Rinse the cleaner off and let the air dry

The Coil Fins

Fins present on both the condenser and evaporator coils can many times bend down, compromising the system’s performance. You must regularly inspect all the fins and fix bent fins by utilizing a fin comb in order to straighten them easily. When choosing a fin comb, ensure that comb teeth count matches with the fins/inch specifications of the coils.

Post- and Pre- Season Preparation

If your system had been stored, or if you want to store it now, for an extended time period, it is vital to inspect and do all the above maintenance processes, as required. Prior to usage after storage, you also should inspect the seals surrounding the unit to make sure that there is no gap which can let cool air to ever leak outside and/or outside contaminants and insects to enter inside. For cool and heat units that you might use all year around, you must protect them in winter season either with a cover or any other kind of all-weather materials that can attach to the system without obstructing airflow securely.

Professional Maintenance

If routine maintenance is not enough or your system experiences issues with it continually, you must enlist the expert services of a specialized AC technician like AC Repair San Tan Valley. The air conditioner technician should check out refrigerant levels and also test for refrigerant leakages, measure airflow via the evaporator coils, make sure that all the electrical components are operating properly as well as check belts and lubricate the motor.

Why Is Your AC Bill Out Of Control?


Receiving insanely high electricity bills? Statistics show that air conditioners make up nearly 43 percent of the utility bills. However, you cannot, do without the AC particularly during summer season when the temperature is very high. Lowering the AC consumption is an attainable aim if you know exactly what contributes to huge costs. Below are some possible reasons why the electricity bills keeps on rising:

Your House Has Bad Insulation

You’ll be astonished to know that difference between the outdoor and indoor temperatures not just affects your AC but subsequent electricity bills too. If your home has bad insulation, then cool air which you’re enjoying will certainly cost you more as most of it’s escaping. Make sure that you’ve a house energy audit performed by AC Repair San Tan Valley who will provide you suggestions about how can you improve the insulation. After that is rectified, the electricity bill will definitely see a decline.

Thermostat Switch is On Always

Turning your AC’s thermostat switch always on is expensive. Ensure that the thermostat switch is off always. You can invest into programmable thermostat, which lets you set the temperatures to lower degree whenever you aren’t at home and to higher degrees when you are there. This will assist to cut on the electricity bill. The specialists say that utilizing a programmable thermostat with energy saving during winters can save about $150 on your electricity bills yearly.

AC Repair San Tan Valley

An Inefficient AC

Have you been delaying the regular maintenance of your AC unit? It might be the reason you’re paying large electricity bills as the unit is working inefficiently because of a lack of properly-needed servicing. If you don’t service your AC regularly, its overall performance is affected largely and this manifests in higher than usual electricity bills.

Regular maintenance also is important when dealing with issues which need fixing at early stage is considered. Waiting till it’s very late will mean larger expenses for you. So, get a specialist to diagnose and repair any inefficiencies that your air conditioner might have.

Faulty AC Duct

Consider checking ducts for partial blockages, torn insulation, holes, and disconnects. When there’s a fault in ducts, then cool air doesn’t move to rooms in your house as effectively as it should regardless of how well the air conditioner might be working. It means that you’re actually paying out for air which is escaping, air which you never really feel inside your home. Enlisting the service of experts to get your ducts checked and repaired regularly improves efficacy. In most of the cases, they’ll check the unit for any mechanical fault and fix them in order to guarantee optimal performance while also saving on energy.

AC Unit is Quite Old

Running an older air conditioning can be quite expensive. This is for the reason that its efficiency decreases over time. The most excellent thing to do will be to quickly replace your old, aged air conditioner unit. Although replacing the whole air conditioner unit may appear to be a very hefty investment, it’ll considerably lower the electricity bills because of a more energy-effective operation.

You can handle the ridiculously higher power consumption of the air conditioning system by taking into consideration the various factors discussed above in the blog and take all the necessary actions possible. This will lead to huge savings which translates into low electricity bills invariably. And if you do follow all these things, then you will definitely have very less electricity bills from now onward. ​

Why Is Your Dishwasher Clogged?


An accumulation of paper, food, and other scraps may clog your dishwasher, leading to a backup. Considering items that you place in your dishwasher, a rare blockage can be expected by you. A dishwasher blocked and causing backup may be because of a blocked filter, or it can be sign of any other problem which can arise down the lines.

If some water is standing inside your dishwasher bottom, there are some steps you could take to drain it. In case you can’t fix the blockage on your own, contacting an expert will be needed to get the drains flowing freely.

Clogged Filter Basket – The dishwasher has filter basket fitted inside the drain which prevents scraps of foods and other things from entering in the pipes. They could be hard to remove, however with patience, you could get it free. Simply grasp the basket and pull gently. It should be cleaned regularly so that the dishes come out clean. If your house has hard water, then you may have to soak the drains basket in little vinegar to eliminate the deposits as over time they could clog the hole of dishwasher filter basket.

Clogged Drain Hose – In case clearing filter basket doesn’t fix the dishwasher blockage and it is not draining still then it’s the next step you should take when you work your own way towards the main sewer drains. Your dishwasher drain through a hose which can be linked your garbage disposal or kitchen sink drain.

The drain hose could get an inner sludge build-up, blocking it completely from draining. For people who are handy, if you’re cleaning your dishwasher drain pipes, take time to clean other drain pipes below your sink and then you’ll be able to remove them as source of drainage issues.

Garbage Disposal – In case you have recently replaced your garbage disposal and the dishwasher is blocked, check to ensure that knockout plug was fully removed from the garbage disposal when that was installed. And if it hasn’t been removed, it could prevent your dishwasher from draining. This plug’s removal may resolve your problem.

Plumber San Tan Valley

Clogged Drains – Clogged drains down the sewer lines might be another reason that your dishwasher is blocked. If you’ve more than one blocked drain, or the water is coming back up in the sink whenever your dishwasher drains, then you might have over one small clog which has nothing to actually do with the dishwasher.

Broken Sewer Lines – Not what most will think of when dishwasher is clogged, broken sewer pipes could block all the drains of your house. If the dishwasher, shower, and guest toilet will not drain, then it is time for an expert assessment of your business or home sewer pipes.

The sewer lines could fail since they are old, the pipes can separate because of shifting ground, getting their sections out of proper alignment, or the tree roots could infiltrate them. Many homes are more than 100 years old having sewer lines made up of clay or cast iron, that have already outlived their lifetime.

The trenchless plumbing methods could replace or repair the older pipes and are less invasive than the traditional sewer lines, replacement methods. The products used to replace sewer pipes has life cycle of nearly 50 years, offering you years of carefree usage.

Have You Found A Clog?

If you’ve done all the above things and are still having dishwasher drain issues it might be time to contact a professional Plumber San Tan Valley . Although your home’s sewer system works quietly in background, if it fails, everybody is aware of issue and it should be addressed right away.

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