How To Maintain Window Air Conditioners

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Appropriate maintenance of your through-the-wall or window air conditioner must be performed on a regular basis and especially at the start and conclusion of season when it’s used. This even applies to cool and heat units which might be used all round the year. Keeping up with the maintenance of your system will prolong the lifespan of your unit ultimately along with maximizing its efficiency and performance.
Regular replacement and cleaning of the filter is important. Blocked or clogged air systems should work harder to produce necessary airflow and, use more energy in turn. A few models have reusable filters while the others should be replaced. Consult your owner’s manuals for filter usage and specifications guidelines. Reusable filters which can be cleaned must be checked once a month at least and cleaned up with warm water thoroughly and mild unscented detergent, when needed. For the filters that should be replaced, it’s usually recommended that filter is replaced about once in every two months, based on air conditions in and outside the home both. If pollen or other airborne allergens particularly are bad, filter will need more attention frequently.
Condenser and Evaporator Coils
If the dirty filter is ever obstructing airflow, air which does pass through can get in dirt and air contaminants, which will not just degrade the in-house air quality but impairs evaporator coil heat-absorbing capacity also, lowering the system’s performance capabilities. While a regular filter maintenance assists alleviate any buildup on evaporator coils, you must still visually inspect coils for the collection of dirt and dust about once in a year. Condenser coils on back of the system should be tended also to as they could collect debris and dirt too.
If the coils need cleaning, it’s recommended that you carry out following procedures, as required:

  • Quick Method (For Regular Maintenance)

Vacuum coils using brush attachments

  • Thorough Method (For preparation before season and before storage)

Remove unit from casing and then set it out
Rinse coils, and then apply all natural cleaners to coils
Rinse the cleaner off and let the air dry
The Coil Fins
Fins present on both the condenser and evaporator coils can many times bend down, compromising the system’s performance. You must regularly inspect all the fins and fix bent fins by utilizing a fin comb in order to straighten them easily. When choosing a fin comb, ensure that comb teeth count matches with the fins/inch specifications of the coils.
Post and Pre Season Preparation
If your system had been stored, or if you want to store it now, for an extended time period, it is vital to inspect and do all the above maintenance processes, as required. Prior to usage after storage, you also should inspect the seals surrounding the unit to make sure that there is no gap which can let cool air to ever leak outside and/or outside contaminants and insects to enter inside. For cool and heat units that you might use all year around, you must protect them in winter season either with a cover or any other kind of all-weather materials that can attach to the system without obstructing airflow securely.
Professional Maintenance
If routine maintenance is not enough or your system experiences issues with it continually, you must enlist the expert services of a specialized AC technician like AC Repair San Tan Valley. The air conditioner technician should check out refrigerant levels and also test for refrigerant leakages, measure airflow via the evaporator coils, make sure that all the electrical components are operating properly as well as check belts and lubricate the motor.


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